Erasmus+ Project   2018-1-DE03-KA229-047161

Project Description


Our partnership was established with the purpose of contributing to the promotion of the tourist attractions of the partner countries by adding the presentation of the places where they live by usingweb2.0 tools on the maps as audio, video, e-book and digital museum. All these activities will be done by 10-16 ages students. While doing those they will benefit from the knowledge that they learnt in social studies, geography and history subjects.

The Digital Tourist Guide that we will prepare in accordance with the tourist promotion criteria of the countries will be made accessible to the whole of Europe and the world. A legal digital promotion

criterion will be created by bringing together the promotional criteria of their countries.

We will huddle together an unlimited number of free Web 2.0 tools on the internet for our education platform. We will create a distance learning platform to teach our students how to use which tool for

which course. Our teachers will select the web2.0 tools that can be used in their lessons and prepare distance education for permanent learning of abstract information. We want to provide effective use

of the technological possibilities that our students and teachers have both education and contribute to tourism promotion policies of the countries. We will create awareness of digital citizenship of our

partners' students in the correct use of rapidly evolving and changing technologies. We will make digital democracy conscious to our students with voting system which we used while choosing digital

content. At transnational meetings, our students will create digital content for the tourist promotion of the host country with learning activities and they will find opportunities to add them on the map. With

this study, students from different countries will come together to perform group work. They will have the opportunity to make group democracy and group work. The provision of students with digital

qualifications will also play an active role in their future occupations. Project teams will be established in each partner school consisting of students and teachers so that the project can be carried out efficiently and in a quality manner and the contract will be signed with these teams. At our project which will last for 2 years all the partners will do all work for the development of it. In addition to the legal partners of our project, other institutions will also contribute to the project. National and local tourism offices, cultural and promotion associations, Local education authorities will be our stakeholders to develop the project. Key staff of the project partners will attend these meetings to

provide evaluation of project outputs and activities, budget management and they will prepare student observation forms. We'll organize teacher training.

We will organize student mobility for developing our students' language skills, recognizing different culture, creating digital content for digital tourist guide.

Observation and evaluation forms, activity evaluation forms to be prepared for the students after each mobility will be applied to the participants.

We will receive help from the National and Local Tourism Offices for the evaluation of outputs. We will prepare our Digital Tourist Guide in line with the promotion criteria of partner countries.